Drakan Spyder

Fast & Pure for Street & Track

Engineered, Designed & Built in the U.S.A.


Fast - Pure - Wicked

This is the antithesis of the modern sportscar.  2000lbs + 430 hp with no ABS, TC or driver's aids.  This V8 powered car features formula car performance with reliability not normally found in boutique sportscars.  The emissions compliant V8 will meet smog tests in all 50 States & Canada.  This is not your kid's video game.  It has been designed for those of us who still enjoy driving with no computer interventions.  Very wicked, indeed.

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Rolling chassis = $100k & Turn-key cars = $125k


eRod LS3 V8

This bulletproof V8 from GM is a tried and true engine that will run reliably with ample power.  Very few can fully harness all of this torque!  Not for the faint of heart.


Palatov Engineered Chassis

.120" wall Chromoloy tubing is used in the cabin for optimal strength and weight savings. Thinner wall tubing is used elsewhere along with front and rear subframes that can absorb energy in impacts.


Hella Lighting

Bi-Xenon and LED lighting is used throughout to provide excellent performance and visibility

Forged Wilwood + Girodisc

12.9" two-piece, floating discs combined with 4 piston Forged calipers stop the Drakan NOW!  Cockpit mounted bias adjustment allows driver to dial in the perfect amount.


Forged HRE Wheels

Custom designed and ultra lightweight wheels.  Strong, light and beautiful.  Superb performance, beauty and quality.



Excellent seating position puts you in control.  Two seat sizes and a pedal box/steering wheel that are adjusted to suit the driver.  Can accommodate drivers from 5' to 6'5"  Waist sizes up to 40" are possible.

Fox + Palatov Suspension

The adjustable pushrod, bell crank and Fox Racing coil-over suspension (single adjustable) deliver excellent handling.  The Palatov engineered suspension features bell cranks that are patent pending and deliver amazing performance.


AiM Dash and Data/Video

MXS dash provides key info and offers excellent and easy upgradeability for data acquisition and video recording.


Exhilarating styling

Race car styling will turn heads wherever you go.  There's no denying we were influenced by the 340R, Atom, X-Bow and Mono.  Zukun Plan nailed it!

This is a well engineered, well designed car”
— Jay Leno, Leno's Garage
The bottom line is that the Drakan has gobs of torque!
— Bob P., Atom owner
A 2000lb, mid-engined car, with an LS, is the answer to all of life’s problems”
— Matt Farah, /Drive, Smoking Tire
If you want a weekend toy that is absurdly fun to drive, this is it!
— Mark Vaughn, Autoweek